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At present, you know I’m immersed in Caustic 3.0. Helping promote it, developing close ties with fellow producers and the people behind the app. So much so, my involvement with iOS apps has become totally secondary. I did catch word … Continue reading

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Musical Android dot com, is a neat site full of information on all things related to music apps made for Android devices. We owe no alliegance to any platform, as we are only loyal to that which is good, and … Continue reading

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Seeing as I focus mostly on iPhone apps being an iPod touch user, I sympathise with those who also prefer the smaller devices. So I was happy to learn of a new blog focusing exclusively on iPhone apps, which are … Continue reading

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Hey.. Mad busy here, my 2.5 month old son has started teething poor a lot going on so I’m not posting daily. Anyway, here is what’s coming asap: -Bias review, the excellent new “create your very own guitar amp … Continue reading

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I’m fond of the more intense forms of synthesis such as Wavetable, Granular and Spectral. As an experimentalist, I favour the ability to be able to produce more obscure sounds. Granular synthesis does just that and then some… It’s not … Continue reading

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Continuing the discussion about whether iOS apps can produce professional results, I asked my friend Smite Matter who releases music made and mastered exclusively on iPad if tracks can be fully created and finished ( including mastering ) with iOS apps. … Continue reading

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Long time iOS friend Carbonish has an excellent and wise blog. His style of music is dark and synthetic. If you want the lowdown on true music apps, he comes with my highest recommendation..

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