Continuing the discussion about whether iOS apps can produce professional results, I asked my friend Smite Matter who releases music made and mastered exclusively on iPad if tracks can be fully created and finished ( including mastering ) with iOS apps.

Note that Auria is glorified in this regard as being his go-to app in this most important circumstance:

“Yes! As far as electronic music is concerned at least on iPads 3&4. I cant say either way regarding non electronic music.

“For my purposes these days producing electronic music on iOS, the same quality can be achieved as on desktops. Of course a desktop has more power for better reverbs, higher over sampling and such, but not much else is any different. In the mastering phase of my process, it’s all done while using my Sennheizer HD558 headphones, and then Altec Lansing monitors with powered sub woofer. What you use to hear the audio means as much to the process as the devices & apps.

“Excellent headphones and or monitors are very important. For the work itself I’m using Auria and its many high quality FX & plug ins. On my iPad 3 I use 32 bit audio processing, on my iPad 4 sometimes I’ll use 64. Ultimately for electronic music it doesn’t really make any difference as no human ear can hear bit rates. It’s just a personal preference of little significance.

“Each track might have various, basic EQ, compression, FX and filter adjustments, etc using the built in tools. Once I have everything set at track level to the best those built in tools can do, (and they can do a lot) I’ll either add a FabFilter or replace the basic tools with the corresponding FabFilter.

Not everything done requires a specialized plug in. Much is completed using just Aurias build in mastering tools. Sometimes I’ll want or need a specific adjustment or effect. Then I use the plug ins. This is still at individual track level. The over all master mix always has at least a FabFilter ProQ in AUX1. AUX2 usually has something in it depending on what the overall mix needs most.

“The automation function in Auria is very helpful. Crucial for me. A specific part of a track can be altered this way without effecting the whole track. Like a frequency that comes in too hot. I can automate a controlled counter at that instance seamlessly. Tracks with multiple or demanding FX get frozen. Track freeze is important when using FX and Plug In inserts. It can help a lot to preserve CPU & memory that is almost always being pushed to the limits.

“In short thanks to Auria having all the best tools and automation, combine for a powerful mastering suite that works and sounds very professional. Better than anything else I’ve tried on iOS. After I’ve done all the individual tracks, I will then apply ProQ to AUX1 and something else in AUX2, then adjust the sends in each track appropriately.

“Finally when satisfied ill mix down to .wav and save a .prj as backup. I usually will also make a radio friendly mix down to MP3 128.

“Thats my mastering process currently in brief. Getting to this point is a whole other story. Wow, that pretty much nails it methinks : )”

Don’t forget Smite Matter can be reached at:

Keep in touch with his blog and mine for the true perspective on iOS music production.

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  1. A lot of useful advice there. Wondering when I might get around to upgrading from my iPad2, Auria is excellent, but freezing all the time becomes a little bit of a grind. All still possible though.
    Cheers for that Zac, and to David too – looking forward to his next official Smite Matter release.

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