Ryo interview

20130317-174546.jpgRyo, also known as Cryogenics is a seasoned producer hailing from Athens Greece. He is signed to Boomsha recordings and his recent journeys into the depths of the Future Jungle caught my attention.

His skill with making “Drum Funk Patterns” ( more on drum funk in another post) is most impressive, and I feel , the dominating power of his impressive production style.

Few artists command my respect as he does, every track I’ve heard is astonishing and that is why- he is consistent. Anyway, we had a chat and here it is!

ZL – Can you tell us a little about your musical background and how your journey brought you to the future jungle sound?

Ryo – It was 1992 i think and i was in my room and a friend of mine came with a cassete and he told me to listen the first 2 tracks. I was like ‘yeah ok why not’. The first track was Jericho from ‘The Prodigy’ i can’t remember the other but it was enough for me!!!

I said to myself ‘Ok man this is it’. From that moment i started to search for similar artists and tracks.It was very hard because we had no internet back in those days!

I found 2 record stores and i started to buy vinyls. Breakbeat became Jungle and Jungle became Drum n Bass, and in 1995 a friend of mine gave me software to make music. It was FasTrackerII!!!

So that was my first contact with production. My influencies back then were artists like Bay B Kane,Bizzy B,Roni Size,Dj Krust,Dj Die and many more. In 1997 i met FLeCK and we created a duo ‘The Stuck Mindz’.We wrote some tracks together with very good response from the greek crowd. But after 2 years we ‘broke up’. I was finishing the school then and i had to see what im gonna do next and FLeCK was about to give exams for the university.

In 2000 i quit from all that for some personal reasons and i came back to the game in 2002 i think. At that time i was hangin out with Requiem (Outsider/Vibez/Subtle Audio) and we decided to start organizing events.

2002 was the year that me and Requiemdiscovered ‘drumfunk’. Paradox, Breakage, Senses, Polska and many other artists were my influnce back then! But i always had the need to search for new sounds and after drumfunk i discovered Liquid Funk and the Deep Tech sound (ASC, MAV, Future Engineers and many others).

In 2005 i met a very good friend now Junior SP (Innersense Productions). We started to organize dnb events and to produce music. Drum n bass is the music i love but im listening to many other genres such as Rap, Funk, Downtempo and many more.
So in 2010 i made my first downtempo release on Kraak Records. It was a 6 track ep running at 115-120 bpm!

In 2011 me and Requiem started our own radio show on a greek web radio station (www.onair24.gr every monday). A year later two more releases alongside ‘Beatride’ on a different label. And in October of 2012 i started my own label ‘Audio Theory Records’.
ATR is covering a wide spectrum of the electronic dance music from Trip Hop & Downtempo , Breaks & Dubstep to Drum and Bass.

Till November 2012 ‘Ryo’ didnt exist.Im producing music under the ‘Cryogenics’ alias.So one day i was talking with FLeCK an he told me if im interested in making Future Jungle and to send a tune to Simon Harris for the USB compilation. And i said why not.

So i thought to create another alias for the Future Jungle tracks. And i gave birth to (C-)RYO(-GENICS).I made 3 tracks.’White Place’ for Simon Harris, Golden Days & Arrival At Lost City.

I uploaded Golden Days on Soundcloud and i posted it on Facebook. FLeCK re-posted it and after one hour FLeCK told me that someone is looking for me! It was Daz Breakz (Boomsha Recordings)…The rest is history!!! ‘

You have diverse musical interests but your main musical output seems to be breakbeat orientated. Will you continue with this or are you going to explore other styles?

Even though i like house music and many other genres of the electronic music i havent tried to produce any other style without breaks. Breaks are giving you the chance to to do whatever you want in order to create many different patterns in the same track.

You can make a halfstep beat or a full rolling beat or what ever you want the only limit is your imagination and how you feel the groove. And when you do that and listen to it you will realize that every pattern will sound totally different then the previous using the same elements.

Breaks can be peacefull and adjective at the same time and this is magic! I like watching dark / atmospheric films (The Crow / TheFountain / Dark City and many others) so i think this is what effecting me in my music. I want my atmos to be ‘cinematic’ and dark!!! The way i see it the story will continue based on the same ‘script’!

Can you share with us some of the tools and techniques used in making the amazing drum funk patterns you make?

I dont think that i have a ‘secret’ technique in drum editing. I split my loop into kick snare,hi hats.Then im making the arrangement that i want. After that im eqing and compress all the elements separately. But i think the trick is here. After all that i send my elements (kick, snare, hihat) into one channel and then im eqing and compress again. I think that many producers do that!

Im using for eq the ‘FabFilter Pro Q’ and to compress im using T Racks3 compressors and Timeworks CompressorX (quite old but i like it)!

Do you perform live? If so, what is your set up?

No i don’t perform live. I think that is very difficult to perform electronic music live and to be only one person. And i don’t want to say that i’m playin live and my DAW do that for me, that’s cheating!

What are you plans for the future?

My plans are quite simple. Making music and running my label properly and spreading the music i love. Also i’m about to start something new with Daz Breakz (Boomsha Recordings) you’re all gonna know when the time comes 😉

Go check the man out here


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