At present, you know I’m immersed in Caustic 3.0. Helping promote it, developing close ties with fellow producers and the people behind the app.

So much so, my involvement with iOS apps has become totally secondary.

I did catch word of the “Electrify NXT” app and was intrigued. The developer told me it will be iOS 7 and iPad only. I guess he has his own reasons and wish him success for what looks to be an incredible app. I feel sorry for those who don’t wish to upgrade to iOS 7 though, and see little need for app developers to cut out iOS 6 devices.

But you will see much more of this and, it’s been very clear over the last few months that if you want to keep up with the app flow then upgrade your device internally and if needs be externally too!

The price of older models of the iPad (2 and higher, as well as the iPad mini 1st gen), has gone down and you could likely pick up a bargain on eBay or Amazon.

It’s a given that the 1st gen iPad will no longer do for music making unless you are using apps as standalone .

I’ve long stopped using my iPad for music creation and now my son uses it exclusively for games and watching cartoons.

As devices become more powerful, so do apps!

I was never really so much into audiobus, and as interapp audio is kind of the same thing, I have not yet upgraded to iOS 7. And with Caustic 3.0 arriving in my life ( iOS beta version at present), its certainly fulfilling ALL my music needs.

I do see value in many of the great apps that come out, but I like my pocket studio simple.

Prior to Caustic, I was using Nanostudio as a standalone app on my iPod touch exclusively for at least a year.

The reason Caustic has taken over is simple- it has many more instruments, has far more fx and automation features and in general suits my own style of musical creation.

Caustic has slowed me down, demanding a lot of serious quality time to focus on each aspect of production, and, as my latest Dj mix proves, there’s a lot of very high quality producers out there using it already on Android devices.

I feel the trend to minimise Android as a platform for serious music making is misinformed, so much so that I dare to say that many of the Caustic productions I’ve heard, put the best iOS music to shame. I don’t mean that as a diss, but it’s obvious that as Android has less music apps to offer, there has been more focus on mastering the apps that they do have.

You can hear very serious music made with Caustic, Sunvox and a few other apps, if you took the time to research.

I will be featuring a lot of it here too!

Will I give up iOS and go Android? I doubt it, but soon I will be trying out the Android platform too and see how that goes.

My policy has always been to promote that which I would/ am using myself, and to create awareness of artists who’s music I like and have good friendships with.

So it’s not about sides, it’s about what I resonate with and what fits well into different areas of my life.

In one sense, I’ve been one of the iOS scenes greatest well wishers and also one of its greatest critics. That made me friends and allies and also pushed some people to act against me and even fabricate untruths.

A bit of a shame, but we move on and I reserve the right to speak the truth if needed.

For all it’s great qualities, the iOS music community has also allowed some negative factors to come into play, such as trying to charge developers unjustified fees for beta testing and advertising and the recent trend of begging that some of that scenes “leaders” have resorted to.

While I feel the utmost sympathy for the owner of a recently launched iOS netlabel, I see it as the height of unprofessionalism to launch a brand new online presentation with a plea for help.

If one is promoting oneself as someone who is offering services to promote your apps or music, I hardly see how that can be accomplished if your current life is filled with personal crisis and, that you’ve exhausted any other options to raise funds.

This is the 4th time an iOS leader has made a public appeal and its really bewildering how each person has a studio full of high end gear but won’t sell the excess..

Anyway…I had to say it because a lot of people have asked me privately what I feel.

It’s nearly Christmas and I expect things to slow a little in the music world but we do expect the imminent launch of Caustic 3.0 and the above mentioned Electrify NXT to happen very soon.

I think we could expect a few other bits and pieces to suprise us too:)

But for months I’ve been teasing of the existence of a truly game changing app, and of course that is Caustic 3.

For me, the search for the ultimate app is over and it may well be that the focus on this app as far as my own output and the general thread that goes on here is centered around that.

Caustic is also related to other projects that will be revealed over time.

For now, stay warm and safe because predictions are that we are in for a very cruel winter!

Take good care of yourselves and go grab these two excellent mixes of the very best mobile music on earth:


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One Response to GENERAL UPDATE

  1. Mike says:

    I enjoy reading your blog and I find your truth telling quite refreshing. Someone has to hold up the mirror so we may examine our faults.

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