Drum machines for iOS are ten a penny…

There are many maby 808/909 emulators to choose from, no big deal.

However, there are few drum synths to choose from- iElectribe, SeekBeats, Impaktor and not much else to be honest. The one in Stroke Machine is pretty good too..

I guess you could say we needed another one, a drum synth that is simple yet profound!

Well, Oliver Greshke has delivered a fine drum synth. One that doesn’t require an expert to figure out, but experts would be immersed by.

Make no mistake, if you are serious about beats, your better off with a drum synth than with a drum machine.

A real drum synth will have you mesmerised..because having the ability to synthesise your own drum hits is a whole different experience entirely and will ADD DISTINCTION to your overall production.

As a sound designer myself ( mostly synth patches for iOS ), I’ve not yet found an app that makes designing one shots of drum hits logical.

Enter Elastic Drums!

If you think about the word “Elastic”, it means stretch, twist, transform- and this is what this app does with beats. Not just the individual one shots, but the whole sequence of your beats!

You can adjust the time of each sequenced drum pattern, automate effects, turn the pitch right down on individual parts , thus creating intense deep bass rumbles..need I go on? Ok I will..

Add this drum synth in Audiobus and marry it with your favourite fx input such as crystalline, see what happens..record 4 bars of that and sequence it up alongside a breakbeat loop.

You will achieve unheard of depth in percussion using Elastic Drums ,I just have!

I did as described above and am already crafting a very unique track that was not possible before in the particular style I’m working with in this instance.

This is because Oliver has presented us with an easy to use, no nonsense drum synth for the price of a couple of coffees.

I’m certain Oliver has a serious background in EDM, because Elastic Drums packs a punch mightier than the other drum synths combined in my opinion.

If you want to jam out live with it, it’s great! Add it as an input in audiobus alongside a synth like Nave or Phase84 and go for it.

For exporting to iOS daws, you need to set the exact bars you need and choose the “play record” option then open in Audioshare. MAKE SURE YOU RECORD SOME AUTOMATIONS first, to add extra interest to the groove..

Almost everything can be automated actually.

Oliver is actually nearly done making Elastic Drums universal, but if you are an iPad owner, grab it now- in 2x it’s hardly an eye sore as his UI design and colour scheme makes it tidy enough.

I can see Elastic Drums facilitating even the most fussy of users and for creating almost every conceivable EDM genre actually.

I do hope Oliver makes more apps because this one is powerful!

I’m going to be up very late with this app:)

If you care about iOS music and serious indie developers go grab Elastic Drums here now!



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