If Camel Audio quitting developing wasn’t enough, Sound Trends just told me they are shutting up shop too!

Sound Trends LLC, iOS developers famed for ingenious apps such as Looptastic and Meta.DJ , are some of the earliest and most providers of very cool music apps for iOS.

It was exciting for me to have such apps like the aforementioned and I even used both of them for live Dj sets in Denver Colorado!

When I first started blogging about iOS music apps, Soundtrends were one of my first sponsors and ill always remember them fondly as being friendly and most committed to their apps.

In the below press release they sent me just now, it’s clear that like many developers, music apps seem to not be financially viable to pay the rent.

I’ve known this for a long time and have had deep discussions with many developers. The conclusion of that will be presented in a follow up article very soon. And it will be an eye opener for many and a bitter pill to swallow for a few so called head honchos in the iOS music app scene.

Anyway, here is the statement from Aaron, the CEO of Soundtrends. I’ve sent them my thanks and best wishes. Such a shame as I was really hoping for more apps from them..

Dear Sound Trends Customers,

It is with a very heavy heart that we have decided to officially stop new development on our apps and to focus our attention elsewhere. It has been a great run the past 4+ years. Now we simply reached a point where we cannot justify the costs of continuing to advance our products.

We sincerely appreciate your support with everything from the first version of Looptastic in 2009 to the most recent update of meta DJ in 2012. We could not have built these inspired products without your help. Thank you for your emails, positive reviews, encouragement, and most importantly your business. You enabled us to do what we love for several awesome years. It is incredibly rewarding hearing your stories of enjoyment and creative pursuits.

Looking forward, we plan to keep all our products online including all of the Loop Sets in our Loop Store. However, the time may come when the costs of keeping the lights on outweigh the incoming revenue.

In closing, let me thank you again for your caring and support. We truly appreciate it.


Aaron Higgins


Sound Trends LLC

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