Memorecks interview

20130225-191038.jpgThe last few months I’ve been appreciating some of the sounds by experimental beat makers who use tools such as the MPC and Maschine. I was particularly drawn to the skilful live performance videos on YouTube by one of the world’s best – Memorecks.

His style is fluid and flawless, the content of his music is mostly self generated from synths, drum patterns made on the MPC and, a very clever habit of finding rare jazz samples from old vnyl. Thus inspired, I had a few words with the man himself!

ZL – Please tell us how you got into beat making, and who/ what has inspired you along the way?

M – I started messing around with fruity loops when I was 12 or 13 and only got more into music production. I took some music theory classes throughout school but was never trained on an instrument really. I was always in to beats more so than rhymes, and was always curious where the samples came from.

Dudes like Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Madlib, Kev Brown, Odissee, etc.. got me in to digging deep and finding out where things originated. As time went on I started getting more into the instrumental / beat scene, mostly inspired by artists like Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing and Hud Mo. Those are just a few of my influences.

How would you classify your music, genre-wise?

Instrumental hip-hop but it’s really more than that. i’m not quite sure

MPC, Maschine or both?

MPC, but if i spent more time on the NI stuff I would be just as comfortable.

Your use of Animoog alongside the MPC was amazing in the YouTube, do you use apps live and on recordings often? If so, what other apps do you like?

Thanks. I use it sparsely for recording and performances. My main iPad apps are TouchOSC and more recently Lemur. A lot of my stuff comes from Ableton so I like to be able to control that. Animoog is great and I’ve used it a lot for weird sound effects in a few tracks. iMaschine is cool on the iPhone for sketching a quick beat. GarageBand is surprisingly capable. I always try to keep an eye out for new music apps.

Any advice for aspiring beatmakers?

Keep producing and always try to learn new things, whether it be different software, hardware or even guitar. Also try to learn some basic music theory / piano knowledge, as it will help you tons with making beats.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Instrumental albums, YouTube performances and videos, shows around the world, and chocolate.

For more info on all things Memorecks go here:


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