Musical Android dot com, is a neat site full of information on all things related to music apps made for Android devices.

We owe no alliegance to any platform, as we are only loyal to that which is good, and it so happens that despite being dismissed as a failure for music apps, the Android/ Google platform actually has quite a few good ones, with artists who make great music!

Musical Android focuses on many positive things, including many great tracks made with Sunvox and Caustic, as well as features on another intriguing music app called GStomper.

So if you are an Android user, curious about trying an Android device for music, or simply want to follow the development of Caustic, or check out great mobile music, go check out the blog!

If you are using an iOS device, highly recommend you install a flash enabled web browser to enhance your experience. There are a few free ones on the AppStore even:)


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