Klang-Schwester headshotKLANG-SCHWESTER is a German lady with astounding and very a broadminded production style that does not claim exclusive allegiance to any genre, but definitely trancends and includes them all. 

She also demonstrates a sublime vocal skill, often blending her vocals into the tracks in such a way, that her voice becomes an instrument into itself.


20130314-163503.jpgBAY B KANE needs no introduction to those who were part of the old school UK Jungle scene, but for the benefit of those who weren’t, I volunteer the following…

Bay B Kane was instrumental in the creation and development of an electronic music genre called “Jungle”, which developed into “Drum and Bass”.


carbonishCARBONISH: Long time iOS buddy Dave aka Carbonish works on an oil rig. But that does not stop him from developing his music which, can only be described as intense synthetic dark wave for noise lovers!

Here Dave answers some questions and gives cool insights into his working methods!


20130401-165903.jpgDUB ARCHITECT: Now here is an artist whose greatness I discovered last night after seeing an amazing video of him “dubbing” in his home studio!

Justin Pietro aka The Dub Architect produces real dub reggae and also performs live reggae with his band.
In a time where dub has been misidentified as dubstep, I value artists who still keep this tradition alive, as I’m really feeling the value of this genre.


20130330-184526.jpgFLeCK: FLeCK is another underground bass music producer from Athens Greece.

Like the other producers I’ve interviewed recently and myself, he comes from the old school and is pushing post modern electronica forward into new realms.


20130225-191038.jpgMEMORECKS: The last few months I’ve been appreciating some of the sounds by experimental beat makers who use tools such as the MPC and Maschine. I was particularly drawn to the skilful live performance videos on YouTube by one of the world’s best – Memorecks.

His style is fluid and flawless, the content of his music is mostly self generated from synths, drum patterns made on the MPC and, a very clever habit of finding rare jazz samples from old vinyl.


20130317-174546.jpgRYO: Ryo, also known as Cryogenics is a seasoned producer hailing from Athens Greece. He is signed to Boomsha recordings and his recent journeys into the depths of the Future Jungle caught my attention.

His skill with making “Drum Funk Patterns” ( more on drum funk in another post) is most impressive, and I feel , the dominating power of his impressive production style.


20130321-194831.jpgTIPPA IRIE: When I think of UK reggae, artists such as Tippa Irie, Burning Spear, Daddy Freddy and Aswad come to mind. Tippa Irie is as integral to the UK reggae music as is UB40.

A skilled and fluent dancehall mc and dubwise producer in his own right, few come close to the calibre of the man that is Tippa Irie.

Social commentary shines forth in his lyrics which are ALWAYS delivered in fine and coherent style. Here is a reggae vocalist that is distinctly British in style while honouring the Jamaican roots.



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