Tippa Irie interview

20130321-194831.jpgWhen I think of UK reggae, artists such as Tippa Irie, Burning Spear, Daddy Freddy and Aswad come to mind. Tippa Irie is as integral to the UK reggae music as is UB40.

A skilled and fluent dancehall mc and dubwise producer in his own right, few come close to the calibre of the man that is Tippa Irie.

Social commentary shines forth in his lyrics which are ALWAYS delivered in fine and coherent style. Here is a reggae vocalist that is distinctly British in style while honouring the Jamaican roots.

So today I found out he was still going strong and was honoured by his quick and enthusiastic response:)

ZL – You have always been an integral part of the UK dancehall scene and are still going strong! What inspires you to keep going?

TI – First of all i love what i do,and i love making people happy, when i see young kids at the front of the stage at my shows it makes me
want to keep going and do what i do.

I think UK reggae has gone underground, especially dub reggae. I type in dub in google and “dubstep” comes up! It’s hard to find real dub these days. What are your thoughts on the current state of UK reggae/ dancehall and dub? And do you think dubstep is a good influence on real reggae music?

I think the scene is not as powerful as it was back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, because the youth are not into the music as much as we were when we were growing up in the 80’s,but there is still people from that time like Jah Shaka, Mad Professor, Tippa Irie, Macka B, etc. still flying the flag. Dubstep is a good thing and its just the other side to the music like jungleĀ and drum & bass.

Our music has suffered ike the rest of the music because of illegal downloads:

What artists do you recommend as providing the true vibes these days?


What is the main message you like to portray through your music?



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