Drum Perfect for iOS has been around a short while but I got my hands on it today via the developer.

I’m usually hesitant about drum apps as there are so many, and most are kind of reflections of each other. With the exception of DrumJam by Sonosaurus of course!

So it was with this in mind that I approached Drum Perfect- can it deliver something that other drum apps cannot?

First, it doesn’t look like the drum machine apps that are legion on the AppStore..and it comes with a lot of so called organic rock/ jazz type kits as well as a couple of electronic ones too.

The UI is very simple yet clean, easy to navigate and extremely appealing to the eye , and that is a huge percentage of any apps appeal.

You have the usual type of pattern and step sequencers, along with features such as velocity, probability, time shift..all to add a more human like feel to the drum patterns you create.

This is a very good thing, especially for those of us that are fed up with the usual 4/4 synthetic sequenced approach.

I’m into making downtempo kind of grooves right now, so the kits and humanise type features that add subtlety, swing and feeling to patterns are really appreciated. It’s a given that dance beats are ten a penny and easily accomplished, but it’s not so easy to create more realistic patterns with drums on iOS.

Drum Jam can give you that via a lot of randomisation and sure, you can also do the random thing on GarageBand, or use some iOS beat loops here and there.

Perhaps Drum Perfect is the successor to the well liked app Stochastic that now appears to be abandoned?

I think the developer has thought out this app very well, his choice of “rooms”, which are the apps fx is very refined…you can emulate smoky jazz rooms, grungy sweaty rock venues and more. Makes a change from the usual bit crush phased out delay scapes that most developers feed us with almost weekly.

I’ve not tried yet, but you also get the usual routing via/to other apps, Audiocopy , open in and the midi stuff too.

A quick browse at others thoughts about Drum Perfect tells me it’s a valued app, and I look forward to incorporating some patterns from it into my work too!

Looking forward to more from Marinus who developed this nice app!

You can visit him here: http://www.drumperfect.nl/


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