Apesoft are favourite developers of mine and I’m still playing catch up with apps.

Of course I have a fondness for synths like most iOS music lovers and we also share something else- fear of wires!

Modular synthesis is all about connections, routing oscillators to filters to fx to arps and so on.

There are a few modular environments in iOS, one of the earliest was Jasuto, then tabletop was a kind of modular environment for different kinds of instruments. The developers of Rhythm Studio released a modular with tons of iap’s too.

Caustic, the famous android app that ported to iOS also included a modular synth…

Somehow, Apesoft got the formula right. Modelling their app on the famous vintage VSC3, a modular used by the likes of Brian Eno, was a certain hit and has been universally praised by many in the iOS scene.

Nonetheless , I was very cautious..

I launched the app and was not at all bewildered by the layout actually, holding and dragging will get you where you need to fast.

The routing system is not cluttered or claustrophobic at all, it’s quite minimal actually. Simple experimentation will gain results wether good, bad or blank!

It’s one of those apps that will encourage you to approach it in a humble manner, an exploratory one. It certainly gives off that impression.

There’s many presets to try out and more as in app purchases.

Graced by the gorgeous UI and the convenience of being able to hide the keyboard ( caustics modular does this too), to enable more navigational room is a plus. You can experiment to your hearts content, but pay close attention to what you are doing so you can replicate successes in other sessions!

iVSC3 is really a wild ride, you can get crazy arps, violent basses, dreamy pads, sharp leads and more, just by taking the good time to actually see how each filter and oscillator will affect the other.

Again, my hat goes off to Apesoft. Their high standard of bringing avant garde instruments to iOS is unrivalled. May it long continue!



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