Sparkle by Apesoft is a most welcome addition to the now legion fx filters and audiomanglers that we have on iOS!

Apesoft first captured my attention with their first iOS app “iDensity”, a granular audio scrubber par excellence..I spent many hours in awe of that app and was smitten with the fact that I could engage most intimately with the waveform:)

Based in Italy, Alessandro spends his days creating what can only be termed “Avant Garde software”, much of this we see, he is porting over to iOS.

He has released quite a few apps now, Stria, Apefilter and his port of the legendary synth EMS VSC3 (iVSC3). The latter likely being his most popular app to date.

Sparke is in essence an “advanced spectral hybridiser” according to the AppStore description. What that means is that there is a source and a target and they blend or morph.

You can grab the source from built in mic, external midi or from an audiobus input such as a synth or a drum app. That “input” then feeds into Sparkle and then blends with the target sound.

Things get really interesting then..the source will take on some of the characteristics of the target sound in a “cross synthesis” kind of way, and then both can be tweaked from inside and outside of Sparkle.

Likely for most users, this will be a very unique fx channel via IAA or AB. I just tried it a minute ago and was instantly stunned by this unusual technique.

There is quite a lot of automation and adjustment to be done with this app, to craft many many, perhaps unlimited ways of serious mashing up an input, but as this is an experimental app, I suggest you go grab it and get on with it!

Apesoft is a unique developer who is highly committed to his apps and audience. If you want a unique approach to processing and altering audio then his apps are certainly for you!

Happy mangling:)

More Ape madness can be found here:


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