Long time iOS developers Wooji Juice surprised me the other day with an email saying “Happy Xmas” and a promo copy of their Mito Synth.

As I’m still playing catchup with the latest apps and getting to know my iPad mini retina, I’ve not had a chance until now to check Mito Synth out.

Veterans of the iOS music scene know full well that Wooji are quality developers, having given us such great apps like Hokusai and Grain Science.

Wooji take their time developing their apps and a great amount of care is taken to ensure they are ideally suited for iOS devices.

There are now so many synths for iOS and a large portion of them are kind of claustrophobic and unintuitive..however, true to form, Wooji have succeeded in delivering a unique looking and sounding synth.

My focus these days as a producer is mostly ambient and atmospheric based music, with and without beats. As such , I need synths that are able to create deep, luscious, multilayered sounds without me getting a headache sculpting patches.

I never use presets, I like to craft from scratch using the init..and to be honest, most iOS synths will get in my way, thus me having to resort to using more fx than usual to take my patches to the depth level needed.

Not Mito though, this app has a very intense yet easy to use sound engine with very intuitive settings and a brilliant automative system.

The 4 XY pads can really assist in transforming “sound in motion ” and are a joy to assign parameters and movements to. Again, most iOS synths will get you lost in translation with that!

Like Wooji say themselves in the AppStore description -“Synthesis without spaghetti “, which echoes my earlier statement about these developers knowing how to tailor tools correctly for the iOS platform.

Mito really is designed very well, and sounds even better.

You can later many many sounds together and mix them into one sublime patch..I could go on, but most will have already read gargantuan amounts of so called tutorials and nerdy techy reviews as this app has been around since June this year.

But if you did actually miss out on this app due to the sheer deluge of synths and beatboxes, fx apps that come out every month and chose another, then you have truly missed out on a very sublime and unique tool.

Mito does bring an original and refreshing approach to the iOS music app world and as is deep as any other synth out there.

I have been using this app less than a day and already have 12 self made presets that in my opinion, far excel any others I’ve made on other synths.

Mito will certainly bring more depth and character to my soundscapes and is really a joy to use. Within second of launching an init patch, I can intuitively start designing unique sounds and shape them with ease. Yet these new sounds I make, actually feel like those that take hours to process..

Go check out the many YouTube videos of this app, go on! Treat yourself or a friend to it for Xmas…I assure you that it’s a must buy..

I was very impressed with Grain Science and gave it my “app of the year” slot back in December 2011, so likely Canis wants me to do it again!

Well, of course I was going to do that again and I didn’t take much convincing either:)

For sure we have seen some fantastic apps this year and will continue to see more next year, but hands down for me- as far as design, depth of sound, sheer usability and unique approach- what to speak of usefulness to my own work, I have no choice, indeed I’m duty bound to say:

My app of the year for 2014 is certainly Mito Synth and I wish the developers and you all a merry Xmas indeed:)

Go here for more Wooji, and if you didn’t know, they do some great photo processing apps too:


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