Oscilab by developers 2beat, is an astonishing “groove box” type app that I’ve had the pleasure to check out today.

Most groove box apps tend to be a little restricted, clumsy with cluttered UI and very limited in scope. However Oscilab brings functionality, good looks and sounds and some visual treats.

It is primarily a real time live tool- think Figure with actual tweakable synths, a visible step sequencer, better fx and the ability to get close up and personal with the waveforms.

You can actually draw the fx live and use the XY pads to get your automation on if you like.

I cannot stress enough how a lot of developers keep repeating the same old apps that get cluttered on devices, bringing stale approaches that would do well to stay far away on antiquated desktops!!

2Beat have clearly had a serious vision to bring the visual element to the iOS music app world, and have done a great job.

Oscilab is almost unprecedented as a serious live tool for electronic artists. It flows very well and you can get some serious grooves going fast.

There is a lot of editing that one can do with this app, the usual ASDR, fx amounts ( non automatable though, but live automations WILL end up on session recording though).

The synths are very good and you have different oscillator types and waveforms to choose from.

I think this app is about an 8/10 so far because it does have a lot going for it, but it does need the ability to load ones own sounds via audio copy and paste into the drum sequencer and even better, into a dedicated sampler. A few more fx types and more filters would be welcome too.

Fx should be automatable and export of set bars could be an attractive addition too.

But Oscilab is definately a straight up techno banger of an app and at the price of a coffee, it’s highly worth it.

The fact that its so visual definitely makes it stand out above other apps of this type!

I look forward to more updates and apps by three developers.

Go here for more, including videos:www.2beat.io



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