Sugar Bytes are renowned for their excellent vst desktop daw plug ins, and have been providing full ports for iOS for some time. This includes the highly revered fx generator par excellence – Turnado.

Yesterday Sugar Bytes kindly furnished me with promotional copies of Turnado, Effectrix and their latest instrument-Egoist.

My initial idea was to test out decent fx apps for use within Cubasis using Apples own interapp audio. Since iOS 8, Audiobus has been a shambles, with many developers scrambling to update to get compatability back to normal. Despite updates, there are still glitches, so interapp audio it is!

Because I didn’t research Egoist fully, my impression was that it was a chop lab kind of app that could be used as an IAA insert effect for live chopping and mashing up.. How wrong I was!

So I launched the app and saw there was A LOT more to it than the average app, even for Sugar Bytes…

I saw the chop lab, it’s ability to audio paste into it from other apps, an fx sequencer ( there’s 7 fx), and a drum and synth sequencer.

Mmm, so it’s a kind of a groove box with a chop lab? Yes, but even more, much more..

So I pasted a loop I made in Nanostudio into the chop lab, that worked and very well. I chop it up, use the randomiser ( there’s randomisers for almost everything in Egoist), that worked and very well!

Then I turn to the drum and synth sequencers, lots of good sounding kits and patches there, and easy to arrange patterns , but the randomiser option is there for this too..then down to mixing it up a bit, and this is what Egoist is really about.

And it goes much further than most apps at really shaking things up…

I mentioned the randomisers but have not talked about automations. Egoist can automate everything, add swing, change pitch and you can also randomise the ADSR IN EVERYTHING!!!

I’m gushing aren’t I? And rightly so..

So you can randomise the beats, parts of the beats, the synth samples and the chopped loops, but there is one more thing- the fx, and they are juicy , automatable and randomisable ( not sure if those two words exist but you get the point!

The usual suspects such as delay, reverb, a choice of sweet filters, bit crush et all, are all there…

Initially with Egoist, you are working on individual patterns obviously, but then they need to be arranged into parts ( where patterns can intermingle via certain settings), and these parts can get really intense, abstract and very very funky actually.

Once you’ve done that, you can either audio copy them to other apps and arrange into songs or, if you like, you can actually craft a full track within Egoist, it’s up to you!

I’ve not got further than setting up some parts which I’ve successfully exported to Cubasis and Nanostudio and I’ve a mind to try for a full song within Egoist as soon as possible.

Another option is that one could record live jams with Egoist and route it through the likes of Turnado and other fx apps and have a lot of fun.

There are midi options too, have not got that far yet, and there is lots more to study regarding this app.

Highly recommend the video tutorials that Sugar Bytes put on their YouTube channel. Very easily to absorb and excellently presented. I was up till 6am watching them and trying different things out for myself…

Egoist is an exceptional app and highly worth the asking price. I know some expect apps to be cheap and actually they are sold at a price much lower than they are worth.

Egoist does a lot, and can be used in many many ways, and facilitate almost every EDM genre.

I’m very glad to have met Sugar Bytes and check out their apps. The design, responsiveness and sound quality are overwhelmingly good. These are pro developers providing tools for those iOS artists that wish to take their work to the next level.

Egoist has raised the bar, if you purchase it, I’m certain you’ll get much joy and benefit from it.

Looking forward to more from these great developers! You can find them here if you need more




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