Ram records is owned by drum and bass legend Andy C.

Those who love this kind of electronica hold both label and owner in high esteem. For years, Ram has provided the community with across the board dnb flavours and energetic live events.

My interest in dnb was rekindled recently so it’s no accident that I found myself confronted with the “Rams horns”!

I had heard some critique of the label due to its seemingly commercial success. As an egoistical underground music lover, under normal circumstances, I’d have ignored Ram, but it’s horns had me cornered via artists like Wilkinson, Stealth, Loadstar and Legion&Logam.

So I listened to one track which then inspired me to listen to another, then another..and I was convinced that here is a label worth following very closely. Considering I have not followed specific labels or artists seriously for some time, this is no mean feat for a label to affect me in such a manner.

I was getting back into dnb slowly, in my own way because I’m learning how to produce it. After years of 4/4 beats and ambient soundscaping I was getting seriously bored. And I was also getting frustrated that no new “astonishing genre ” was forthcoming too.

So , listening to Ram made me realise that dnb has evolved very dramatically over recent years.

The dubstep explosion has fizzled out, house/ trance is just plain boring and trendy , and experimentalism is up its own arse to be honest.

But all of the above have been embraced, adapted and improved by certain artists and labels simply by replacing the bloody 4/4 with good old breakbeats!

This has led to a very exciting dynamic in dnb, it is much more exciting, appeals to many more people and has a lot more potency. And Ram are leading the way it seems…

Just because Wilkinson hit the top 10 and Andy C gets booked at huge festivals full of trance heads does not mean that dnb has gone cheesy and sold out. It simply shows that dnb’s time has truly come.

Conservative “junglists” may balk at this but does it do any hardworking label or artist favours if such good music remains hidden underground?

Doesn’t dnb deserve success and new fans? Is it wrong for the genre to organically adapt to the times we live in now?

To be honest, I’ve not felt this excited about music since 1988 when we were all smiley and on one! Back in those days, the atmosphere was inclusive and the music was revealing many new directions and wonders.

For years it kind of stalled during the “hardcore” period and then even techno or house got bastardised by a certain northern superclub and a certain island in the sun. The whole EDM scene was either totally diluted or stuck in a rut, and the underground was too underground and snooty.

The rise of dubstep also proved to be short lived and went commercial and repetitive fast, but guess what? Good old drum and bass was always there in the background watching and waiting for its true glory to be recognised.

Well, it’s here now and I feel we can all thank Ram records for that as they are likely the prime suspects for this astonishing event!

If you are at all curious about dnb or are just plain bored with music as I just was then do yourself a massive favour- go check out Ram on YouTube, Soundcloud and the other social forums and pay some close attention to their music!

Over time, we will be featuring interviews with key artists and staff as well as featuring our favourite releases from the label too.

Thanks Ram for locking horns! I feel humbled and grateful:)



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