I enjoy visiting the audiobus discussion forum , especially for news about forthcoming apps and people’s opinions.

But on occasion, some discussions seem very uninformed and out of touch with reality.

One guy started a thread asking wether the iPad air has enough power to facilitate music making. The discussion clearly revealed that some iPad owners struggle with ram/ CPU issues when routing tons of stuff through audiobus.

Well, that IS to be expected, especially if you are greedy and want to route many things at once, especially with audiobus 2 which allows multiple chains..

So we can see that while audiobus solved problems for some, it also brought about its own, as people are finding out.

Every device has its limit, and sometimes it’s wise to use a little caution while engaging in creative pursuits, wether its music or art in other forms.

There is no race, no competition and certainly no need to try and test an idevice to its limits and get frustrated.

If you want to make great music, go for it! But don’t be in a hurry and don’t try and muddy everything by trying to use many apps at once.

Figure out a workflow that enables maximum efficiency of the device and corresponding apps.

Remember, it’s not a competition to see who can route the most apps:)

In answer to the guys question- sure an iPad air can make good music, but so can an iPad 1st gen, so can an iPhone 3GS and earlier iPod touches.

There are so many apps that still run fine on older devices, I know as I have an iPad 1, an iPad 3 and 4 iPod touches belonging to the 4gen category.

I also have a MacBook but that doesn’t count and is never used for music anyway.

And many users still use iPad 2 or iPhone 4S etc and have no complaints.

So the problem is really very simple- some are expecting iOS to be like desktop daw workflow, and although it seems the latter has more power and the former is catching up rather quickly, I don’t think iOS is supposed to be the same workflow as the desktops.

Nor should people be pressuring devs to bring it to that level’s not fair on them, nor the other users. iOS music began out of simplicity yet with intuitive / expressive usage that facilitated profound experiences and results. And people WERE already making great music prior to audiobus using apps such as Nanostudio and BM2 and using ACP and pasteboard to bring stuff in from other apps.

But a new breed are demanding a rapid evolution to desktop standards and this has kind of ruined things for some.

I have no problem with audiobus itself, ill use it when I need to record multiple synths at once for ambient work, but for the most part I’m using a few iOS daws ( ill explain in another post ) and pasting stuff back and forth AND mastering on my trusty iPod touch too ( ill explain that one too).

A few of my recent tracks have actually been released on various netlabels and were successful and very well received.

And without an iPad air!

Obviously, the faster your device the better, but that’s not the most important thing, it’s your vision and passion that counts:)

You’ll find a way no matter what you use!

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