Most people , including close friends, know me primarily as someone involved in the electronic music scene in various ways, especially relating to iOS music apps, production and Dj work.

I have almost 3 decades experience in the music field but few know that I have at least 2 decades of contemplative practice and philosophical study under my belt too. This also includes at least a decade of training in internal/ meditative martial arts.

I have not spoke about these things because my blogging focus has been music centric and now, I’m finding there is little need to discuss, review or promote ios music and apps much these days because it is already an established, albeit a small scene.

I also trust that most iOS device owners have the experience and knowledge necessary to figure out which apps are actually good and how to use them. I also strongly disapprove of recent unprofessional attempts to make money from developers and users towards ones personal crisis management or livelihood. There is no evidence to suggest that any iOS music blog extends beyond a few hundred people who are addicted to apps and will buy the very latest ones within one week or release despite advertisements or so called tutorials.

The pace of iOS music apps is very fast, you buy a new synth and start playing with it and next week you are landed with more temptations which distract one from the apps already owned.

A serious glance at the audiobus forum and the related Soundcloud accounts/ groups will provide enough evidence in this regard. There is too much impatience, demands for more features and an overall sense of lack of permanent satisfaction and truly professional and ethical conduct in that scene. I’ve often commented on it and have crossed swords with a few..

So it’s all good, creativity has never been so easily accessible! I look forward to seeing what happens in the future and, any truly unique offerings will of course be featured here:)

Thus I can now focus on other areas of interest to me and that reflect the inner life. One that is slower paced and has more longevity and indeed provide more benefit to readers than any gadget or app could ever do!

A blog should be a regular, and if possible, a daily affair. However I cannot guarantee daily entries pertaining to my inner practices but I will try and supply regular content for those interested in such things.

In a nutshell, I guess I could be called a Buddhist lay person who is not attached to one sangha, but has affiliations with many.

I have trained with instructors in Zen, Theravada and Nichiren Buddhism and am actually ordained into the Theravada tradition.

My practice is not strictly adhering to any tradition but I use techniques from most of them, depending on my mood and the time/ environment that I find myself with.

If the house is hectic with kids running around, one can hardly sit still in Zazen or Vipassana! But one could easily have a session of chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, which is the powerful and core practice of the Nichiren school.

When things settle or if I’m in a park while my kids play, I can practice mindfulness or as Ekhart Tolle calls it- presence , and just sit and be accepting with “what is”, and that’s quite a peaceful practice to be honest.

The mind will still, become clear and insight, peace, relaxation can enter ones existence for awhile. It is recommended to study spiritual books after establishing ones consciousness in such states as the subject matter becomes much easier to digest!

I cannot say that I’m done blogging music and apps, it’s just that its more likely easier and truer to myself to generate content of a Buddhist nature. And not just Buddhist, I also like Integral Theory ( as in Ken Wilber) and cutting edge non dual stuff too, of which Buddhism is a big part of actually.

Comments are welcome, as are suggestions for future content. Ill have some book reviews posted soon and will share other bits and pieces along the way too:)

Hope you are all well!


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