Haven’t done a track of the week for some time. Trying to catch up with my blog fast though.

I’m spending a lot of time listening to and making ambient/ drone soundscapes and am following some very talented people on Soundcloud, some of which have been very kind in my comments section and are inspiring and encouraging my present musical direction.

One artist, the uniquely named “Rabbitsquirrel”, who has also a skill of making up very intriguing track titles is standing out as a very talented dark ambient/ drone artist for me right now. If you check his bio on the Soundcloud link I provide below, you will find his Bandcamp details.

I urge you to check out his music, it’s very deep and immersive and he gives it away free. But you can of course leave positive feedback on his Soundcloud and donate if you will via Bandcamps name your price option.

I’m very impressed with Rabbitsquirrel on all levels and look forward to more great music from him!

Ok, go here:


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