Was saddened to find out that the godfather of house music- Frankie Knuckles has just passed away due to a diabetic complication.

It took a few minutes for this to sink in..

My reaction is kicking in now as I fondly remember always playing a 12 inch copy of frankies “Your Love” house music track as much as possible live.

That record stands as an all time classic to this day.

Frankie is credited as being one of the original pioneers of the early 4/4 house sound and his influence has truly been global. If it were not for him, the electronic music we listen and dance to today would not exist..

Frankie is such a legend that his name should be uttered alongside such luminaries as Kraftwerk and Kool Dj Herc.

True EDM scholars will understand what I’m saying..

Come to think about it, every time I produce house based music, I’m certain Frankie somehow inspired it.

Tonight I will drink a Guinness and toast it sincerely to the honour of Frankie Knuckles and ill find one of his most recent Dj mixes and link it here later.

Much love and respect to Frankie, his friends, family and associates at this time!


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