Alex Matheu aka Distraub is one of my oldest friends in the iOS world.

During the conception and development of his first cult classic app “Glitchbreaks”, I could tell by our discussions that Alex was indeed a developer who thinks and creates out of the box.

So when Alex told me about “Sliver”, I was obviously excited but at the same time dismayed that it was going to be an iPad only app. Not only that, Sliver due to its power and graphics, can only run realistically on iOS 7 or higher.

However, my brother donated me his iPad 3 and Sliver was instantly installed on it!

Sliver is more subtle and interactive than Glitchbreaks. The latter relies more on manual control whereas the former takes full advantage of every conceivable automation and a built in keyboard that can be accessed at will.

Not only that, Sliver can play up to 4 parts ( slivers)of a chosen waveform simultaneously, add the automation of different parameters and fx and you are on your way to something special fast!

There are many reviews that will tell you “how and why”, and that is not my style, I prefer to get to the essence of what an app is actually about.

Sliver is about abstract and more subtle sonic sound exploration. You can create harsh, immediate sounds but this app really shines by enabling the user to create more gradual builds of layers and movements.

It is ideal for the darker ambient styles but could also be used to create unique arpegiatted patterns for use in beat based dance music in pretty much any genre you want.

Due to its visual appeal you might want to use this app as a standalone or run it through an fx app via IAA or Audiobus. Alex will be adding IAA as soon as he can btw…

Ultimatly, Sliver is a unique and unprecedented instrument for your iPad and the price I feel is really too cheap considering what it does.

Alex is also one of the most popular devs on the scene, not just because he’s a nice guy but he is super attentive to his customers needs and enquiries.

Sliver is a straight 10/10 app in my view and if you like the more experimental, leftfield approaches to music creation then it’s surely a wise choice to purchase the app.

Here’s the link for the app and also a recent photo of a much slimmer Alex on his recent holidays!



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