Hey..apologies for my extended absence!

Things have been busy and unusual in my family life, including taking care of a 7month old baby boy who is now teething and eating loads:)

Also, there has been nothing much to write about on the music app front as I’m still an iPod touch user and new decent music apps are few and far between these days for small iOS devices.

Nonetheless, my brother in kindly donating me his iPad 3 which runs iOS 7 for my son and I to use.

Primarily the newer iPad will be for educational apps and games for my 6 year old son to use, and my 4 year old daughter will get the iPad 1st gen that my son was using almost exclusively for gaming and viewing.

Amazingly enough the original iPad ( purchased on the first day of release in Denver USA ), is still going strong and can run apps like Nanostudio, Thor, GarageBand, Sunrizer, Glitchbreaks, Alchemy etc with no problems at all.

But times have changed with the advent of iOS 7, interapp audio, Audiobus 2 forthcoming and a whole host of amazing unique apps that can glitch, sliver, fx and even master tracks to full studio quality, and such apps can only run on newer devices and in most cases now, iOS 7.

So I’m looking forward to seeing what the fuss is about…but I do still prefer palm sized devices and do not see developers totally abandoning that platform.

In the coming weeks you’ll see quite a few reviews of apps such as Sliver, Sector and others. My focus will be on unique apps and not synths that merely look and sound like their hardware or vst counterparts.

I still crave the unique, the unusual out of the box approach and am hoping that more developers see that this is the way forward. The iOS platform is unique, as are its devices, so much expression can be achieved via a touchscreen interface…

So, if you are a developer or artist who feels you have something truly original, please get in touch, ill be happy to help.

I will also break my silence on soundcloud too with offerings made with some new apps.

Hope you are all well and thanks for visiting despite my infrequent posting!

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