Apologies for the brief stall in posts..

Very surprised and glad so many still frequent my blog despite my infrequent pauses:)

Thanks, it means a lot that you have me bookmarked on your favourites.

Anyway, it is a new year and many of us have life issues that get in the way of music making and journaling.


There are signs that this is a good year for me, some changes will happen very soon that will facilitate more focus and, as a very good high profile mate will have it, zac laurent has to be more centered and focused in a specific direction and that will bring “specific results”.

Some conundrum huh??

Anyway, I’m really tuning into underground EDM right now and am impressed by a lot of stuff people are playing on Sub.Fm and Rinse.

It’s right up my alley and I’m making some stuff ( in Caustic of course), and it’s getting some serious attention behind the scenes.

Remember I’m British, and very much affiliated with true underground people, so that’s how “I roll”.

You might experience silence here and on soundcloud, but that’s a good thing. You know I only speak when necessary and don’t look for any old crap to post!

As always dear readers, it’s about quality not quantity:)

Hope you are having a good 2014 this far!


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