Martin Neuhold, a German artist and iOS user, commented on some of my Audiobus related critique. I reply below each of his paragraphs:

Martin- Some examples of creative, cutting edge (though that may be a matter of taste) music making WITH audiobus:

ZLC- Yes, I’ve heard these artists before but feel a sense of repetitiveness and trying to place old wine in new bottles. When I use the term “Cutting edge”, I’m referring to the result, not the methods or tools..

Martin- So…it is possible to make creative, cutting edge music with audiobus. Am I allowed to speak now?

Don’t get me wrong, you’re right about a lot of things. Caustic is a brilliant app for all kinds of electronica music, it’s the most complete DAW app at the moment, and I could have done most of my own album using only caustic. And most of the things you say about the users who complain and demand things all the time instead of getting to work are true, too.

But however, not all creative music is electronica. I really like caustic and I’d love to do a track like this one:

with it.

To be able to do so, I need Audio Tracks and the possibilty to record guitar and vocals.. There are also apps that do special things that are not part of caustic’s features, for example VirtualANS, thumbjam (not because of the sounds, they can be done with sf2…because of the UI) or guitar amp simulation apps like Bias.

And I like to use them in my music. You may say now, that they could be added later on, after exporting the basics I
have done in caustic to another DAW.

But what if I realise that something I thought was great just doesn’t work with the guitar track? I’d like to do all my work within one DAW, without having to go back and forth again
Caustic is great as it is, but it would be even better if it had audio tracks and audiobus. I dare say that, with those features, it would be the perfect DAW for any kind of music.

ZLC- The point I’m making Martin is that there are many apps, and some users are demanding that audiobus be included in all of them because that is what they are now conditioned by the marketing of certain developers and bloggers.

Not everyone wants to purchase tons of apps and route like crazy. Nor do I believe that developers should lose the right to create the apps they want for the audience they want. Of course Rej took the good time to present Caustic to the iOS community and is certainly going to add some requested features, but still, that kind of distracts things from the original purpose of the app as a standalone.

Those who have spent time with Caustic have found out that it is capable of everything needed as you yourself admit, but when audiobus gets implemented what could happen is users will merely use individual instruments and route those into other apps.

That’s fine and Rej will sell more units, but those that don’t tune in to Caustics advanced automation and sequencing abilities might lose out at the expense of CPU strain and other things.

I just want to hammer home that audiobus is not the be all and end all of iOS based music and is certainly no longer the only method.

For all this talk and demanding audiobus, saying “iOS music is the future”, I have yet to hear something so outstanding that it really does compete with globally known artists. I have heard plenty of Caustic based music made on android devices that is truly worthy of the dancefloor though.

I suggest you spend time listening to EIPSO, Bojeroo and the other Caustic artists I follow, there are quite a few.

I am talking about real EDM not the kind of stuff you are into.

There is a lot of cool experimentation going on in iOS from the likes of Apapdop and Carbonish that I do like, but when the so called big iOS artists start using terms such as dnb, techno, oldschool, breakbeat and dubstep, ill go listen and always come away dissapointed. It’s just not potent enough, something has got lost in translation.

I’ve been a Dj for longer than I have been a producer, that makes me a but fussy and I’m very knowledgable and experienced in this regard.

Let me make things even clearer for you:

Take cooking for example, if you add too many ingredients and spices, there is a lot of contradictory flavours that ruin the dish- there is not a distinct overall taste. It’s the same with music.

You add too many apps ( each has its own flavour ), and mix them all up, something goes seriously wrong in the final mixdown..

Caustic I believe, is best served straight 🙂

Martin-Anyway, Zac, I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year and thanks for all your help and for opening the door for me.

ZLC-Same to you! It’s windy and wet here in the uk, but we are geared up to make sure the kids have a great Xmas.

Thanks for writing and I wish some of your associates would have more courage to do so instead of talking behind my back and lying…

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