I’ve said it all along, Caustic is so feature packed and a complete music workstation that it really is a standalone app. Adding AB or IAA really is for those who don’t have the patience to really dive into apps of this type and see how to create complete tracks out of it.

These are the latest positive quotes from the audiobus forum:

“To be fair however, this app does seem complete enough to work on its own . Flesh out the work and then just share to cubasis for any additional work. Yes Audiobus will be very handy but with this app it looks to be complete enough to get by on its own even. I really think this is going to be fun to play with.”

“Yeah, I am kind of thinking that too. Having the “send to AudioShare” feature is a big +.”

I have to be honest and say that I checked out some of the main people who are pushing for audiobus and I went to their relevant soundcloud accounts and was shocked at how little they create. Actually the guy who started the thread on that forum has only posted 3 or 4 experiments, that only last a couple of minutes. There are no complete tracks from him so I fail to see what exactly he would do if Caustic had Audiobus..

Is audiobus for fun experimentation or do people actually churn out credible tracks with it?

I think this gives me impetus to write a serious article on the subject:)

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