Just got alerted to this comment about Caustic on the audiobus forum:

“Obviously we would like AudioBus, but Copy/Paste is also really useful for grabbing a sound made in another app and getting into your app easily.

The general feeling on this forum is iTunes or Wi Fi sharing is a real pain.

In fact, these days if an app does not have AudioBus and Copy/Paste I probably won’t bother buying it – there are so many other iOS alternatives that do have those key features.”

The commentator may not actually be fully aware that Caustic is a self sufficient standalone app.

It has ten instruments, even more fx, and likely automates much more than most existing iOS apps..

I know for sure that Caustic is designed as a standalone app and fail to see why one would want to import sounds from other apps into it, or to use one instrument in IAA or AB, as there are many apps that do that already..

I suggest iOS users try Caustic on its own first and see what it can do by itself then judge wether or not you need to get into more complex scenarios..

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