My musical process is now very very simple and clutter free!

Since the arrival of Caustic 3 in my life, I have literally no use for any other apps apart from the excellent Audioshare by Kymatica.

Your bus may be getting bigger soon but still, I prefer trains as they are smoother, more comfortable, have better AC and are substantially faster!

For me, Caustic is like a long and scenic train ride, a true pleasure with comforts thrown in!

So there is no deliberation about which app to use, there is no hankering for further features as its all there waiting for me in Caustic, including mastering.

Now, all I do is launch the app and see what kind of beat appears naturally by using the excellent Beatbox drum synth included in Caustic.

Once a basic beat is down, ill then choose a synth- usually Subsynth or maybe the Padsynth, maybe both or only one. But it has to be said that despite the amazing power of the new Modular synth, I usually end up with two or three Subsynths…it’s strikingly similair to Reasons Subtractor synth which was also my favourite in that software.

Ill either sequence different patterns, or ill scroll loops infinitely and turn all the volumes down and hit record and AUTOMATE and basically jam out live.

Or, as I will try later, a combination of both!

I’m finding the parametric eqs included in Caustic excellent and indespensable , not just for adding clarity to the overall mix but also to record automations with it as I did in my latest track on Soundcloud.

I cannot tell you how good it feels to finally have the app I’ve always needed…routing, copying and pasting slows things down and creates dependancy on more sources than are needed..for me it’s ALL there in Caustic.

I do think that despite many iOS apps being great and having ingenious ways of routing, that most mobile artists would do well to just focus on a few apps and churn out unprecedented music rather than copying each other and music that has already been played to death.

If you want to claim that iOS music is the future, then you must back up your claims with music of the future..

Right now, my position is that the OS, device or tools used are secondary, whatever the artist does with whatever is available is what really counts. Further, it is far more important for an artist to like what they create and be happy in the process than it is to please others.

So, I’m happy with my tools and with what I’m able to create and could not wish for more, as I have what I need and am secure in the knowledge that whatever I want to make can be created at very little stress or expense.

The process should be a pleasure, art is a spiritual expression and should not be a chore.

Go with the flow:)


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