My friend Jason who owns EIP STUDIOS OHIO, is even more obsessive and dedicated about Caustic than I am! And he is most definately more experienced and knowledgable in music in general, so when he talks- I listen carefully..

With this in mind, I asked him two crucial questions about Caustic:

1- I truly believe that Caustic is a real standalone app. In a world dominated by apps that need routing to others via some bus /interapp or pasting features, I’m personally glad that Caustic has all that’s needed within itself. What are your thoughts?

-” In my 20+ years experience in music, as a producer and musician, I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing hardware and software… my recent discovery of Caustic on a mobile device, has been such a blessing and an amazing tool for making music on the go. Now with Caustic 3 on the horizon, this app shoots miles ahead of any other mobile music app anywhere, giving you unprecedented flexibility in just about any way imaginable. My new mission, is to show everybody, that you DO NOT need expensive music production gear to make professional sounding material…. you can do it all for just the price of a couple cups of coffee. Caustic 3 is just the beginning of a mobile music creation revolution; and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

2- The eqs and compression / limiters in Caustic are first class. They really enhance production. But what about mastering itself? Can it be achieved with Caustic itself? Or would one need to export the project to other daws or apps?

-” Absolutely! I know some studio engineers out there are laughing at me right now; however, with a bit of training and practice, and listening to every little bit of audio in your track, you CAN effectively mix and master out your song to a studio-quality recording. All of my tracks you may have heard on my SoundCloud or YouTube sites, are all done 100% completely within the Caustic 3 App, no outside tools used. This is why I call Caustic 3, the Finest Pocket Music Workstation on the Planet, hands down.”

You can find Jason all over the web, but you can go here for starters:



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