At first I thought it unusual for an organ to be present amongst the 10 instruments in Caustic. Apart from some House music, the organ is scarcely used in EDM.

However I decided to have a little play with it tonight and was amazed. It does sound great! As good as Galileo by Yonac and despite its simple design, it’s very very effective..

Why? Because, like the rest of Caustic, you can automate the hell out of this instrument, creating lush layers and drones!

Put the organ through some bit crushing and/ or serious reverb, maybe a phaser and record some movements with the faders or whatever they are specifically called in organ circles and, voila! You have some unique atmospheres going in your track!

See the orange and red lines around the faders? They are all being automated:)


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  1. Patrick says:

    I really like your idea of automating the organ drawbars…never thought of that one! Do you have any tracks that you could use as an example? I’d like to hear what you’ve come up with on the organ.

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