Yes I’m talking a hell of a lot about Caustic, I know..

Forgive my excitement but it really is a revolutionary mobile music app.

To be honest, I cannot keep my hands off the beta of the 3.0 version and, the fact is that when I go back to the other apps I was using previously, it felt like a downgrade…

Caustic 3.0 is like having your favourite music apps all bundled in one daw without the need to link all together in some third party or OS routing system. It’s all there, IN ONE PLACE!

That’s a big deal as far as I’m concerned, saves time and consideration ( and CPU strain).

The developer and the team of dedicated users and contributors really have spent a lot of blood sweat and tears on upgrading the app to the 3.0 version.

For example, the modular synth included and the fx and their routing are so astounding…dubstep? dnb? Trance? Techno? Abstract hip hop? Even post rock and ethnic grooves, all can be created so easily and enjoyably with this app..

And the overall sound quality and post production that this app offers rivals the likes of Auria, yet keeps it all within itself.

I really am so happy, on the verge of tears actually, because I was using Reason before my custom PC crashed ( with over 40 tracks that were desired by a certain label), and I literally jumped from desktop to old school iOS apps, and felt that if Reason were to be ported to iOS, then no loss..

Well it’s here! And it’s not made by the Props and its called Caustic:)

The Beta is practically over and 3.0 will be submitted to the relevant appstores on all the main platforms soon..

Again, watch this great demo by my good friends at EIP STUDIOS OHIO



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