Make no mistake, there are not many apps like Singlecell Softwares Caustic.

It is so rammed with incredible features and instruments that you’ll be hard pressed to ignore its sheer size and potential.

Think about it- 9 synths, one drum machine ( with many tweakable banks) and 16 insert fx! What to speak of a very easy to use but sublimely effective sequencer.

Most iOS apps of this type require acp, audiobus or IAA because users are not fully satisfied with the built in sounds and are perhaps too lazy or find the apps too complex to create their own from init patches.

Most serious iOS artists own many apps and get bewildered by the choice of what to use and likely would love apps that could be seriously standalone tools.

I suggest with full conviction, that Caustic 3.0, once released on iOS AppStore ( soon ) will satisfy any serious mobile musician.

It already has a dedicated following on Android and is renowned as being solid and stable despite the issues with the latency found in Android devices.

So we are seeing an Android app being ported to iOS and its usually the other way round or to Windows Mobile.

Anyway, here’s Caustic 3.0 in action and the very same features and look are in the iOS version for the most part:)

Be excited people, it’s a true Gem of an app!



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