The past few weeks have seen an increase in “iOS Evangelism”, that is to say, a core of people are being very extrovert about pushing their views on the public.

With the launch of the Apptronica net label, some are excited about proving to “the outside world “, that app users can make good music.

At first I was all for this, and it was with this in mind that I convinced the founder of the aforementioned label to take up the responsibility.

But trying to prove something to others, can either work, or irritate.

Yes, iOS artists can make some good music and many of them are nice people, but if the goal is to convince others to ditch their desktops or hardware, I’m afraid it won’t work. Nor should anyone impose these kind of things.

Try convincing a Muslim to take up Christianity..

I hear a lot of complaints ( from the very same people every time), how people don’t believe they made the music with apps, or won’t give them the time of day as they are app users, and seen as lesser than those who use “pro” tools.

The fact is that any tool can be a pro tool, as it really depends on the skill of the user…

Further, a true artist rarely discusses what tools he/she uses, what to speak of their production techniques.

I think we have been at the “pro” stage in iOS for at least two years now and it’s time to settle into music production and promotion. I don’t see the need to go all out and promote the tools and methods alongside the finished music.

Focus on the music, interested people will ask what you used. At that point share your esoteric knowledge with them.

I think that by being extrovert about being app users will seriously minimise a potential market, because like it or not, many actually think that iOS music apps are sketch pads or sound toys. As such they likely won’t listen.

You might disagree, but time will tell…

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  1. Amen, Brother! An inspired and talented artist can do more with cheap gear than a poser can do in a studio. I believe that with all my heart. I can do so many things on software like ableton, but there is also the possibility of getting lost in the possibilities. Plus, with a portable device, I can sit outside and actually score a beautiful sunset. iOS apps are immediate, and you can’t underestimate the value of capturing that inspiration while it’s still fresh. Intangibles…

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