Some of the most rewarding experiences in life, are those where you are responsible for the creation of something from the very start.

Positive Grid have released Bias, which in essence is a DIY guitar amp mod .

Their last offering “Jam up Pro”, is an excellent guitar amp fx processor that is likely the best on the App Store.

Positive Grid themselves were wondering how they could better the user experience and, concluded, as I have, that the only way was to get the user involved in the construction process itself.

We saw something similair with the modular synth “Audulus”, and now you can create your very own flavour of GuitarAmp and FX.

The process is not as difficult as you’d imagine, as the UI and instructions are clear and attractive. And it’s a lot of fun to make the effort.

The sound quality generated is stunning and the stability of the app is excellent.

I’m not a guitarist but I’d imagine that such artists would benefit the most from this app. But, having said that, I reckon electronic producers can add a serious grunge feel to their synths or beats by running this as an fx unit in interapp audio or audiobus.

It is worth the price, and is made by reputable developers whom I respect. Not just for the excellence of their products, but also their customer service.

So get creative and try Bias if you are looking for an immersive responsive experience on iOS .

I reckon Bias would be especially great for live performances too! And I hope developers who make Fx apps take a leaf from Positive Grids book and figure out some more original and interactive apps for those of us who like our electronic music:)

Go here for specs, demos, videos etc


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