Occasionally , I revisit old apps and, at times , am impressed at how good some still sound!

Xenon Groove synthesiser was released in August 2010 and was developed by Ice Gear. These developers first offered us Argon synth and their most recent app is Cassini Synth.

Xenon has serious synths, a decent drum machine and a pretty good step sequencer.

However, you are limited to 5 tracks, and the instruments are predefined and cannot be changed, and automations cannot be recorded. The only tweakable effect is a rather good delay.

Regardless of this, it’s still a pretty good app and the synths are pretty powerful.

You can audio copy segments or complete work out of this ( no audiobus), to paste into other apps.

If you own this app and have forgotten about it, I urge you to revisit it for the synths alone. There are hundreds of presets and of course, an init patch for you to create your own.

If you know people new to iOS apps, Xenon might be an ideal introduction to iOS sequencing as its affordable and easy to get started with.

For more experienced users who don’t own this app, I’d say you’d benefit from the synths! It’s certainly more user friendly than Rhythm Studio but could have benefitted from a more modular approach.

Go here for the specs and blah blah:


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