Big Robot Studios are my good friends. I’m very fond of their “Sound Cells” generative app and, sometimes I use its virtual midi feature to jam out abstract synth patterns with other apps.

Their new release- Robotic Drums, doesn’t dissapoint.

It’s a drum synth, not a drum machine, with stochastic like ability.

You can craft great drum sounds that would sit happily in chip tune, old school electro, even dubstep and tech step type productions.

Likely it’s one of the easiest drum apps to get to grips with due to its minimal but gorgeous UI and the absence of complex features that drum synths can often have.

You have the usual filters and oscillators but, due to the design of the app, you can find and use them fast.

Within seconds, you’ll have your very own self crafted drum kit ready to bang out on the pads.

It comes audiobus ready but seriously needs audio copy and export of set bars of drum loops. Hector is considering this, because right now it’s great for live stuff but for sequenced production , you’ll be trimming waveforms..

Overall, a great and highly recommended app and I look forward to more such great things from these developers!

£2.99 is a no brainer for apps of this calibre, sacrifice one pint at the weekend and buy this app!

Go here for more specs and blah blah:




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