I know of 4 record labels that propose to sell/ distribute music made with apps.

One failed miserably and had an embarrassing image, one has just launched and looks set to serve the iOS music community. I know of two other proposed labels- one of which has a potentially serious distribution network, and another that is focused on two artists exclusively, and they are not mentioning apps at all.

What does this mean?

To me it shows that iOS artists are getting serious and hopefully organised.

Two of the aforementioned labels were suggested by myself and I feel confident that this is a step in the right direction for iOS music.

I’m in a dilemma though about wether being so forthcoming about the tools used is a good idea.

It’s generally not a policy for labels or artists to go into detail about tools and methods. Perhaps the iOS scene, still being young, is enthusiastic and evangelical. Nothing wrong with that, but it might restrict the audience reach.

If the aim is to provide an outlet for and by the iOS crowd, it’s certainly the done thing, however, it may end there.

Some will not even listen to your music if you say “I made it on my iPad”…

That’s prejudice and ignorance and we cannot change that. Best they hear it without mentioning certain keywords first.

In this instance, I hope I’m wrong, because there are some great artists who are making music with apps as good as anyone using other tools and, I feel the world needs to hear them.

The truth is that the level of professionalism of some artists, who use serious apps, is pretty high and this has spawned it’s own distinct genre -“apptronica “. You will notice a lot of similar sounding artists and tracks, and I feel this happened because of the certain results that are had by using apps, as well as people influencing each others output.

So lets see…I hope it succeeds and shows the world that idevices are no longer sketch pads!

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