I’ve had Sunvox for years but, trackers are fiddly diddly, so I never did much with it.

The sound quality, depth of detail, retro UI appealed very much, but the tracker sequencing method is far too time consuming for me.

However, I decided to reinvestigate the app to see if I could get some sounds out of it for using in Nanostudio…I browsed through a few tutorials and found that Sunvox has very deep editing/ synthesis features AND can route much better than audiobus ever could- all within the app!

In Audiobus, you can have 3 inputs, one fx input and one output.

In sunvox, you can have many many inputs and fx and tweak the parameters delightfully.

Because of this, I found that due to its modular nature, I was able to create very complex instruments , who’s sounds, would be mistaken as coming from some of the recent “big boy synths”, that have graced the AppStore of late.

Sunvox has a kind of “lab feel” to it, due to the retro/futuristic minimal UI, and despite it being around for ages, it is still much more powerful than most apps you could name.

I doubt ill use it for sequencing, but I’m already exporting one shots and arp patterns to Nanostudio and Looptical:)

If you have Sunvox and are as terrified as I was, just forget about using it as a studio, treat it like an instrument!

Here is a screenshot of a “multi synth” controlling multiple synths at once, including a sampler..it’s sounding amazing!

If you don’t have Sunvox, go check out its webpage and be stunned by just how feature packed it really is. The developer has spent years adding more and more to it, and he also recently released the previously mentioned “Virtual Ans”.




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