One of the most prominent, and indeed experimental iOS artists out there is Jon aka Pants of Death aka POD. I’ve learnt to respect his approach, attitude and style over time.

Was surprised and honoured that he left a comment on my blog, which, I’m in full agreement with :

“Nanostudio is still the prince of apps for me too. The workflow is fast and intuitive, the midi editor is second to none, and unless I need to do pitch shifting the sample editing and triggering is also awesome. Eden generally makes it into most of the tracks I do as it is amazingly versatile and powerful. There may be plenty of iDAWs that look sexier on paper, but to work with I cannot break away from Nanostudio!”

It is a fact, Nanostudio rules, despite all this Auria, Cubasis and the cumbersome space hogger BM2, NS is by far ahead of the game and facilitates fast, intuitive and very rewarding music making.

Forgive me, but I feel it’s a fact most iOS artists have not dived deep enough into this app, if they did, we’d see a higher quality and there would be less whinging about “wallet strain”!!!

Go check out PODs amazing cutting edge music here:

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