I own almost every decent music app you can name, I’ve either received a promocode, bought it outright or beta tested it.

I make my music exclusively on an iPod touch and my son has taken monopoly over my iPad! But i prefer a hand held device and I started with one back in 2008 when apps were little more than music toys!

Over the years, we settle into apps that resonate the most, and it’s hard, due to the sheer influx of newer and “more advanced” apps gracing or should I say, infiltrating the App Store ( and our wallets) weekly!

Nanostudio has been a favourite since day one! Matt sent me a promocode on the day of release and I reviewed it on my first blog.

I fondly remember seeing the teaser video for it, and I knew then that the time has indeed come for full track production on iOS!

Nanostudio remains my go to daw of choice due to its advanced and flexible features and the Eden synths are truly exceptional in many ways.

A lot of my work is drum and bass of varying kinds, so Glitchbreaks is most useful. For the most part, I will use this app to import breaks into as it naturally time stretched whatever I paste into it to the bpm I am working at. If needed, ill add a little glitch here and there to add variety!

Looptical is also a joy! Pasting audio into it and tweaking it for further work in Nanostudio is great and I highly recommend this app if you don’t already have it. It’s very flexible, stable and such a pleasure to use in conjunction with other apps. Run it through audiobus and record live sessions!

Virtual Ans is a very original synth and most useful for eerie and dark atmospheres, great for ambient and beat based work. You’d be suprised what it can add to production!

For my soundscapes, I’d be lost without audiobus, AudioReverb and Aufx Space! The latter are two amazing reverb plug ins (via audiobus) and are essential for such work. I do not use audiobus for sequenced based music as ACP is much more precise and flexible for my workflow but it certainly comes in very handy and essential for soundscaping!

And last but certainly not least! The app that brings it all together , stashes things tidily and exports swiftly to soundcloud and Dropbox! The excellent Audioshare!

All iOS artists depend on Audioshare as it truly is a very useful app indeed!

So that’s what I use, a simple but very stable selection of apps that suit me just fine…

Time willing, I may well elaborate on some of my very unusual techniques based on lengthy experimentation with certain apps, and some accidental discoveries!

I may end up telling how just earlier today I figured out how to make a makeshift but highly effective gating effect with Eden synth:)


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  1. pantsofdeath says:

    Nanostudio is still the prince of apps for me too. The workflow is fast and intuitive, the midi editor is second to none, and unless I need to do pitch shifting the sample editing and triggering is also awesome. Eden generally makes it into most of the tracks I do as it is amazingly versatile and powerful. There may be plenty of iDAWs that look sexier on paper, but to work with I cannot break away from Nanostudio!

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