Amplify io have released “Junglator”, which , as the name suggests, is a Jungle/ Drum and Bass orientated app.

It has three built in tracks for you to “chop and screw”, “Mash Up” or remix as you like. It accomplishes this with drum pads ( which represent different parts of the breaks, using varying parameters to affect the sound.

This can be further messed with using the excellent built in fx and filters, which are also conviniently displayed on the same screen, along with the three parts of the track, namely- intro-drop and bridge.

In its initial release, you get 3 tracks to play around with and no import or export options ( Audiobus will be included in the next update), but the developer will consider further features based on the feedback from users.

At 69p/ 99 cents, this is a very good deal, simply because the experience of “drum funk”, which is a very very advanced technique used within DNB producer circles to really add some swing and funk to breakbeats.

As a DNB producer myself, I can tell you that it’s one of the hardest but most rewarding of genres to produce and, if truth be told, as far as I know, only 3 of us iOS artists can actually pull it off.

In its present state, Junglator is a very fun and creative educational/ hands on tool to introduce people to the joys of this kind of music. Giving them an experience and taste of something they may only dream of doing.

That being said, if this “Jungle for dummies” app gets further development, you may well hear more offerings from the iOS community, and I sincerely hope so!

The developers are hard at work on a serious interactive and collaborative production app called “Project Dawn”, and I’m very excited by it. So please don’t harass them too much about Junglator so they can focus on future offerings.

As the sound engine, UI and built in sounds and fx are of the highest calibre ( what to speak of the generous price and stability of the app), I’m very hopeful and grateful to Anplify io, and warmly welcome them as developers in the rapidly evolving world of iOS music apps:)

Any Jungle/ DnB head is always considered a friend of mine and these developers deserve our full support!

For 69p, it’s a no brainer and tons of fun!

Go here for a demo video and to check the progress of “Project Dawn”!



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  1. Alex Matheu says:

    I bought the app, and I think it is purely worth it just for the tracks to listen to, and play around with. Even without any import or export.

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