I had an insight earlier..

First ask yourself this:

Why do developers make music apps?

Obvious answer right? For people to actually make music…

It seems to me that developers will throw promo codes at bloggers and pay for expensive advertising in magazines and websites in order to help increase sales.

Despite this and other factors, iOS music is still very much “underground ” and not totally accepted as a genuine alternative to desktop et al..

Are bloggers really increasing your sales? No- they preach to the faithful.

Are high profile sites and zines increasing your sales beyond the core who will buy any decent music app that comes out? – again no!

You, Mr Developer need to consider checking out the music that is being made by several ios artists whom I consider to be doing as good a job as any desktop/ hardware artist.

Not only that, you should consider supporting them way above and beyond the way you do certain blogs.

If you do this, and actually help propel key artists into the limelight- you will be highlighting the result, which is actually more important than the method and tool itself.

Thus awareness increases and as such, sales increase too..

More on this soon and not just from me:)

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