Past few weeks I’ve been tuning into real underground UK music. I was born and bred on it and seen how despite USA and euro imports, British dance culture innovates and perfects styles that were germinated offshore.

That being said, the British invented drum and bass, that cannot be disputed..

Anyway, via a tweet by “Harry Shotta”, a well known dnb mc, I found out about a true talent, a guy called “Evil B” also known as B-Live.

Checking his videos and releases, reveals a talent so damned British that I’m proud to hear it!

Sure, rap was invented in America and exported everywhere else, and in general I shy away from it as it generally sounds the same to me. But add rap to dnb and its a whole other kettle of fish..adds a very human dynamic to a very cold, impersonal genre ( that I love anyway).

Evil B is POTENT! He uses his real voice, doesn’t try to sound black or American and speaks from his own experience.

I’m hoping to catch a few words with the man and find out what makes him tick.

If, like me, you like a bit of power and intent behind your dnb, make no mistake, the likes of Evil B and his producer Logan D will bless your ears..

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and check this:


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