Pulse Code Inc, who brought us the awesome Rythm Studio have crafted “Modular”, which is in essence, the most powerful modular synth available ( on the 12th sept) for iOS.

I’m going to make a big deal about this one, especially as its a universal app.

Many developers are now ignoring the smaller devices in favour of the iPad because they feel its too much hassle to ensure the smaller screens can make the apps coherent.

While I understand that, it has to be noted that apps such as Nanostudio, BM2, Alchemy, Animoog etc, can all run fine on a small device.

Pulse Code have ensured Modular can run just fine on a smaller device- scrolling around and double tapping with move you around and zoom in respectively.

The app is free and ships with a few “mods”, but for around the price of a beer, you can update to the full version with all sorts of lfo, vco, vcf units to engage your “routing” tendencies with!

It’s all about the leads this one! If you liked what you could do with Korgs IMS20 app or were a Reason fan, you will love Modular.

I’m playing with it right now and so far so good! It’s limited because the IAPs are not available until the app goes live on the 12th but it sounds and works great!

You can audio copy recordings out and use it in audiobus with the freemium version but, I think most users will go for the very affordable pro version.

So you get to try it for free!

For the specs go here :

And in a few days ill put out an audio demo once I get my hands on the additional mods.

One thing is for sure, we needed a unique synth, and modular synthesis has been quite lacking in the iOS music scene for sure.

Pulse Code have filled a gap very nicely and prove they are great developers with their vision clearly set on pleasing customers of all types!

Till the 12th then…


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