Not done a track of the week for a little while, but this one is chosen for a few reasons, not just because its damned good!

A very good friend of mine, Cotti, founder of “Sumting New” and a true legend on the underground dubstep and grime scenes, has released “Mess wid me” alongside his new talent “Breazeface”.

As a longtime observer of the electronic music scene, it has to be said, if I’m honest to you, myself and the world ( yes I’m one of those rare breeds of honest journalists), that the UK always perfects genres born in America.. We did it with house, techno and now Hiphop:)

The track in question is undoubtedly Hiphop ( call it grime if your English but labels don’t matter), and is a big middle finger to those who think USA is the be all and end all of this genre.

I’m not a rap fan, I was between 83-87 then got abducted by the rave scene and all that entailed, but recently I’ve been impressed by the work of people like Flowdan, Kozzie, Skittles and others like them.

I have to say that hearing reality with real voices and true cultural/ social identification to the respective country of origin has been most refreshing..

Why? Because here with have rap, that is better produced than the generic USA stuff but also has its own flavour.. And another important and perhaps crucial element..

The lyricists are not ashamed to use their own accents and keep their strictly British identity!

So here we have it, real music that appeals to anyone who likes this particular genre, made by artists who do not imitate, talk real, pose no illusory concepts or act like they are from Compton!

We will be talking more about Cotti and his artists soon, we have done on our other blogs but not yet had the chance to introduce you to him yet!

From my own personal dealings with Cotti, it has to be said- he is HUMAN! That means he is nice, polite and don’t hold delusions of grandeur despite his esteemed status in the music scene.

And Breazeface…what a talent, a true hidden gem that will be on display for the whole world to see!

So here is your chance to absorb yourself in something real and Sumting New!


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