Well, it’s all gone a bit mad here in the uk…

In a never ending attempt to copy USA, our so called government has decided to adopt the practice of fracking for oil/ gas/ gold or whatnot.

I do not understand fracking fully, not do I want to, but, what I do understand is that the earth is a living organism and is being ruined by such practices.

These practices are externally done to generate energy for the lifestyles that have been imposed on us by big corporations who wish to facilitate us with a life that has giving them cash at the center.

Internally, these people do not care about the consequences of such actions and only care about amassing huge amounts of wealth that are impossible to spend.

So, here in England, right now, there is a war going on between the people and the government, and the corporations they employ to perform such dangerous and greedy actions.

Note that the corporations have business ties to the government and that agencies have been employed to spread misinformation about the practices and those with the courage to stand against such.

It is a fact that fracking is dangerous.

It is a fact that fracking will not save us money on our bills.

It is a fact that the majority of people in Balcombe ( the present battlefield) disapprove of fracking.

And it is a fact that people have been protesting peacefully and have been brutally arrested by the police for no just cause.

It is also a fact that the present government has plunged a larger percentage of the uk population into poverty and has given tax breaks for the elite.

Over the next while, I will try to present more facts as things unfold, but do not trust your regular news channels to be fully forthcoming with the truth.

I will give you the basic if able but highly recommend these two organisations with whom I’m affiliated with for concise up to the minute real talk:



Join us on twitter too for an even faster commentary




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