For awhile I have been pondering the use of guitar fx and amps to enhance my work.

I know virtually nothing about them technically, but understand that guitar pedals/fx/ amps provide a certain sound that, for the most part are used in rock based music.

As an electronic artist and fan, I am aware of “feel”, “substance” and overall energy of productions.

Despite having many great apps, I felt a certain warmth and potency was missing from the overall tracks that I make.

So, I pondered the guitar amp apps.

Agile partners released Ampkit ( free version) and Ampkit+, which has a built in recorder and many more pedals and amps to choose from.

Both versions support Audiobus etc…

I obtained Ampkit+ from the generous developers and proceeded to experiment with the app in the fx input slot.

Not owning a guitar, the only way I can actually use this app is by running synths and the like through it.

There is no doubt that sound is dramatically transformed by routing through Ampkit. And one can definatly feel an enhanced quality and power coming out of the app.

For me, a certain raw, rough sound is much needed to stand in stark contrast with the so called polished ambient music that I generally make. I’ve done all that peaceful, tranquil stuff and am gearing toward noise experimentation.

In time, ill balance both aspects into one.

So, Ampkit is a winner in my book. If I can get great results in my own methods, I am certain that those who wish to use it for its original purpose ( guitars), will be overjoyed.

There are infinite combinations of amps, pedals and mic positions via this app and a very exciting IAP store with much much more that will definatly tempt your wallet. And why not? Build up your collection of decent pedals and amps and experiment. Look for new sounds, be it grunge, acoustic, metal or, in my case- serious warmed up techno or drone.

My search is over, ill stick with Ampkit, it’s stable, steady and highly responsive. The overall quality coming from the use of this app is impressive. I look forward to more possibilities one iOS7 is with us:)

A straight 10/10 from me for:

Sound quality
Ease of use/ navigation
Customer service

Go for it! Here’s all you need to see to find out more:


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