Jonatan is a very busy developer, we talk quite a lot and I suggest many ideas to him. He always replies by telling me he is working on a lot of apps simultaneously..

I can believe it as he only released AUFX Space, a reverb unit for iOS a few weeks ago!

Now he is set to release AUFX Dub, a bespoke and unprecedented delay unit that can be used as a standalone or in ANY of the slots in audiobus.

Like “Space”, Dub has its own built in recorder that also has the excellent “open in ” Audioshare ( one of his other apps) option.

You will find many vintage and modern sounding delay presets in AUFX Dub and they are all authentic and tweakable.

Again, I had the opportunity to be testing this prior to release and found it stable, responsive and of the highest quality. Especially with the harder, more vintage delays, sounding so authentic.

At the time of writing, it’s likely Apple have this app in their inbox for approval and should be with you soon:)

For Jonatans specs on the app:

And for a demo which includes AUFX Dub by myself ( it also includes Bitwiz and AUFX space):


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