Dear Cuadrilla

As you know, 82 percent of the residents of Balcombe where you have commenced drilling, strongly oppose your activities and plans.

I’m wondering why it is that despite people not wishing you to operate in their home area, that you continue to do so?

You have engaged police to counter the protestors and ignored the pleas of thousands of people.

It is highly likely you would not approve of someone risking the Eco system and social sanity in your own residential area.

We all know the dangers of fracking and the unknown but highly likely environmental consequences of such, but it seems massive profit at the expense of people’s health and lives is more important to companies like you.

I’m also wondering why the vast profits of companies like yours cannot invest such money in the study and application of natural and renewable energy?

What will it take for you to understand one simple fact- that there is no long term benefit from activities such as yours?

Why is short term huge profit more important than the feelings and future of residents who feel their homes and community are now at risk?

All you have to do is reinvest some of your profits into research and application of sane and natural methods of energy production.

Is it that difficult?

Do you care about people’s feelings and welfare?

The way I see it, it’s not just about the activities you conduct, it’s the incentives behind them…

Your CEOs get such large pay checks while people in the very country you are trying to Frack in are now getting help from food parcels and some are even committing suicide due to distress of being insecure about their immediate and long term future.

I hope you can take the time to respond to these issues and also, please be aware that we are not going to hand over our glorious British countryside to you on a plate.

You can reply via the comments section here, many thanks


Zac laurent


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