Retronyms and Akai released an iPhone version of their iMPC app.

This suprised me as I asked Rebecca of Retronyms to consider this option but it was not met with much enthusiasm.

Anyway, they did it and I know why:


Simply because the iPhone or iPod touch is more portable and far more discreet than the iPad is.

I keep telling developers this, especially those who now solely focus on iPad apps these days and the main concern is money!

It’s simple- there should be no difference in price between an iPhone version or the iPad version of an app. Those that are clever, can make UNIVERSAL versions..

Screen size doesn’t mean the app is smaller. It just looks smaller on the screen, that’s all!

So, developers need to consider this pricing thing and research the market more. Clearly Retronyms could see that their iMPC would be welcomed by iPhone users.

Think about it, everyone has a smart phone but not everyone whips out an iPad while on a bus or at the some places that might even be inviting trouble..

iMPC for iPhone is in no ways lesser and actually has an easier feel to it, see:

And if truth be told, it’s a better port of some iPad apps than most.

Today I saw lots of negativity toward this app, and ok, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea amongst the so called pro iOS musicians , but the iPad version has sparked over 32000 entries on its dedicated soundcloud group.

So, not only does it have more submissions than any other iOS soundcloud group, it also has more members.

This tells me that this app has sold very well and is enjoyed by many people who may not afford the hardware MPC.

Granted, it doesn’t do everything the hardware does, but the haters need to remember that this is an app, not intended to replace anything, but to facilitate creativity.

And it certainly does that! 32000 submissions? That’s a big deal, that means a lot of people are getting creative, likely from a different crowd than the usual app community, but that is ok!

Many of the submissions are demos, people feeling their way around, but there are some stunning examples of creativity too, amazing displays of spontaneous skill that mirror those done with the hardware.

The iOS core music community and its dedicated bloggers ( especially the one that is an open Retronyms hater), need to remember that they are in the minority of people who own the devices.

And just because they may not see value in a certain app, doesn’t mean others won’t.

iMPC for iPhone has been made with one selfless purpose in mind ( they didn’t have to make it or set the price so cheap ), to FACILITATE creative expression.

That is the whole ethos behind the original conception of music apps, it was not about making the “pro music” that for the most part won’t go further than a few hundred hits on soundcloud ..

So, consider the needs of the global owners of these idevices and encourage them, support the developers positively instead of whining that an app doesn’t have the features you want . If approached politely via email instead of slamming them on blogs and their comments section, you never know- they might just listen:)

I see the release of iMPC for iPhone as a very important statement by Retronyms and hope other developers see that there is still a solid market for iPhone apps.

And we would all do well to remember that this all started with handheld devices that fit in our pockets, some of us actually prefer a smaller device, so why should we lose out?


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